Show Your Users New Blog Updates Since Their Last Visit.
In Your Web-App - Automagically!

What’s New shows your users new features & updates when they visit your app!


5 Minute Setup. What's New runs on Auto-pilot!


Give Us Your Blog's RSS

Point us to your blog's RSS feed so we can know when you have new updates. You never need to add updates manually.


Paste Javascript Code

Paste our JS code in your pages or website template. We support all popular browsers including IE7+, mobile and tablet browsers.


Engage Auto-pilot!

We take care of everything from here on. We'll track users' visits and show them new updates whenever you have them.

Know What's Working With Detailed Analytics

We give you detailed analytics on total pageviews, widget views (not every page view loads the widget) and total clicks. You can also get numbers for every blog post so you can see what your users like seeing the most (new feature updates or customer stories or something else!).

If you are already using Google Analytics, we also tag the links with utm_source and other variables so you can segment and track visits to your blog sent by What's New and understand your users better. All of this without any additional setup or work!


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