Frequently Asked Questions!

What is WhatsNew?

WhatsNew is an easy way to show your repeat visitors what’s new in your service.

Why do I need WhatsNew?

Most businesses update their blog with new features, service updates or other interesting content. However most of their users never see these updates. WhatsNew shows your users new blog updates when your users visit your app.

How exactly does WhatsNew work?

Once you signup, you can add a new feed. Give us your blog’s RSS feed so we can know whenever you have a new blog post. Drop our Javascript code in your pages and we will start tracking your users (based on a cookie). Whenever a user visits your site, we check if there are new updates since their last visit. If there are, we show it to them. If there is more than one update, we club it and show it to them. If there are no new updates since their last visit, they see nothing.

Can you explain with some examples?

So if Jane visits after three months, she might see five updates while John who visited yesterday might see none. Joe who is visiting for the first time will see nothing this time but might see an update on his next visit.

Will this slow down my pages?

Absolutely not! Our code is 100% async and it does not block your page from loading ever. Everything loads in the background without affecting your page in any way.

Can I add an update manually in WhatsNew?

You cannot add an update manually. When designing WhatsNew, we had one guiding principle - We don’t want you or your users to change any behavior. That’s why we work with your blog’s RSS feed. You can keep publishing your blog posts like you were. There is no need to go to a separate dashboard to add updates. Similarly, your users don’t need to do anything new (like follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your RSS feed) to know what’s new.

What sort of analytics do I get?

Useful and actionable sorts! We give your some overall numbers and also breakdown by posts.

For overall numbers, we give you figures on page views (number of times pages where WhatsNew script is embedded were loaded), widget views (number of times your users had an update and saw the widget) and clicks (whenever a user clicks to read the full post on your blog).

For individual blog posts, we give you the number of impressions (the number of times a blog post was shown in the widget to your users) and the number of clicks. Using these numbers, you can get a sense of what posts catch your users’ attention.