RSS Feed Widget For Your Website Tailored For Every Visitor!

What’s New monitors your RSS Feed & shows your users new features & updates when they visit your app!


Personalized RSS Feed Widget

What's New Widget is unlike any other RSS Widget you might have seen. Instead of showing every blog post to every site visitor, What's New shows visitors updates since their last visit. That way they don't get tired of seeing the same updates all the time and only see new blog posts.

Easy Setup!

What's New is very easy to setup. Simply enter your Feed's name and Feed URL and copy paste the code in your pages. You can even handle multiple RSS feeds easily with WhatsNew.

Since we host everything for you, all you have to do is to drop our javascript in your page to show your users the RSS Widget. No need to download a script and host it on your server just to display a RSS Widget.

Know What's Working With Detailed Analytics

Unlike other RSS Widgets, we give you detailed analytics about what's being viewed and clicked. Using these actionable insights, you can write better content for your users or work on features that they might like seeing.

If you are already using Google Analytics, we also tag the links with utm_source and other variables so you can segment and track visits to your blog sent by What's New and understand your users better. All of this without any additional setup or work!


It's Free To Get Started!

What's New is free to get started with. You need to pay us only if you have high traffic. If you are just getting started with your website, you don't need to enter your credit card!